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Carnelian can help for matters relating to the personality physically and emotionally. Legend says that Agate wearer will be protected from danger and endow the wearer with courage. Agate is believed to cure diseases Insomnia ( difficulty sleeping severe) , giving a beautiful dream and contribute to the balance of the body. The types of agate with the ability to:
Moss Agate: it can improve the relationship with the natural surroundings. Green moss helps to eliminate toxins in the blood and balance the emotional energy. Red moss helps cleanse the blood and increase physical stamina.
Agate tree: introspection helps in more clearly, see the world through a wider viewing angle and reduce fever and toxicity
Agate Line / Ribbons: to assist in pulling power, overcoming a sense of not having enough power or courage
Lace Agate / Interwoven: to overcome despair and depression, causing excitement and relaxation of muscle tension and spasms. Blue lace agate helps balance body fluids and provide peace of emotion.
Agate-like bird feathers: strengthen blood vessels and overcoming fear for no apparent reason. Useful to reduce fear in the hunt or find directions
Agate spots: extra protection against traveler / wanderer, one of the adventurers stone
Agate Eyes: protect from damage to the body and eliminate the negative thoughts
Dendrite agate: to balance blood sugar levels. Is the cornerstone of the adventurers to provide safety and strength
Agate India: give bodily strength, to overcome feelings of insecurity / not prosper and eliminate the physical weakness and emotional
Botswana Agate: overcome the uncertainty of the direction and personal goals

Alexandrite can help people to focus on yourself, increase self-confidence and increase the ability to feel happiness. In Russia, alexandrite is believed to be carrying a good sign. Alexandrite can also stimulate the sexual power and overcome the feeling there is not enough love in one' s life.

Used to increase the power of inner / spiritual and intuitive person' s alertness. Also used to relieve headaches. Legend has it, use the Amethyst or drinking from the cup made of it, will prevent the occurrence of poisoning.

Aquamarine is often used for a good hope in live the romance and compassion. Is said to help relieve depression and sadness. It is also believed to revive the love of an old married couple and help get new friends. According to legend, Aquamarine wore as earrings / studs will bring love and good influence. Other uses that help eye / vision, reducing the retention of body fluids and provide security in transit through the ocean.

Its main use is to stimulate the flow of healing energy for all, combating physical trauma, eliminating restrictions on the emotions and stimulate blood circulation. Bloodstone is believed to be able to stop the bleeding with just a touch of sheer. Besides its function to the traditional treatment, Bloodstone has been used also to broaden one' s world view. In the Middle Ages, Bloodstone is believed to have special powers because of spots / red spots on the stone is considered to be the blood of Jesus Christ ( Jesus Christ) .

Carnelian is used to clear my mind ( not able to see the reality) . Can balance the process of thinking and creativity as well as increase the level / energy levels. Around 1700' s, Carnelian is said to provide strength and protection, to bring luck and comfort. In the 1800' s, Carnelian be able to help people who need the courage to speak.

Chrysoprase is often used for spiritual protection and overcome mental fatigue / emotion. Often referred to as the Stone of Victory ( " Victory Stone " ) . In the 1800' s, Chrysoprase is said to help thieves to be lost from view ( invisible) . Other properties which strengthens the heart and eyes, help concentration at work, prevent nightmares, cast out demons and eliminate clutter your mind. This stone is well used by many people who work with brain ( author, songwriter) .

Citrine is said to help people to connect with the spirit / Spirit, Helps assimilation of food, helping people who are not proficient in communicating openly and develop mental tranquility.

Diamond can improve the quality of self and the ability to see things more clearly both positive and negative, direct and honest. It also helps overcome the feeling of insecurity in the material. The better the quality of the Diamond, the better the power accessories. Is a symbol of courage that was invincible. Hindus believe that Diamond is not good quality or contain spotting, bring bad luck until he can even unplug / remove Indra from the highest place in heaven. In the present diamond at lower levels of quality ( eg bad color) , still used for industrial purposes.

Emerald is used for physical and emotional healing that is overcome in neurological disease and the lack of perception and inner clarity. In Persia and the surrounding area is said that " Anyone who has this charm will enjoy the special protection of God " . According to legend, the Emerald serves to strengthen the memory of the owner, accelerating power of thought and creativity and help to predict the future.

Thyroid gland disorders in balancing, overcoming the lack of tolerance towards others, reducing the hardness of heart and feelings do not have enough popularity.

Goldstone can provide extra protection against traveler / wanderer. Is one of the adventurers stone.

Jade is said to help one to relax and wise. Known as a stone with a very good balance, helping to align one' s thoughts and actions as well as overcome the lack impractical way of thinking. Jade is the essence of love, appreciated as a special stone. It is believed that some secret virtue will absorb into the body. Legend has it that Spanish explorers to Central America using a talisman of Jadeit to prevent and cure hip and kidney. Other uses for the health of improving the healing of vital organs. Jade Green can alleviate digestive disorders, liver function and help reduce damage to the eye. Red Jade womanhood help combat disease, especially in organ content

Jasper can expel evil spirits and protect against snake and spider bites. For health, Jasper helps the healing process of the stomach, balancing the endocrine glands work. In the 4th century, Jasper is known as the bearer of a great rain. The types of Jasper and assistance can be given:
Leopard skin Jasper is said to give people what they need.
Poppy Jasper helps give happiness in life.
Opalite Jasper can help to sleep soundly.
Jasper Brown helped female hormonal function and cope with insecurity.
Jasper Greens helping small bowel function, prevent constipation, reduce spasms in the intestines and stomach wounds in combat, but it also reduces the stress / severe depression and improve mental behavior in a positive way.
Red Jasper stomach and pancreas to balance work, increase energy and to provide protection against pressure from outside parties

Lapis Lazuli
Lapis helps one to better understand ourselves and broaden perspectives. Also helping the inability of a person to memerima leadership of others. Good for determining the choice between conscience and reason, to give wisdom and honesty. According to legend, Lapis protects the wearer from evil forces. A cure for melancholy soul and some fever and strengthen the body during the experience of spiritual awareness.

Moonstone is said to balance yin / yang, regulating pituitary gland function, clarify and enhance the five senses. Also help people who are less sensitive / responsive to self and others ( reducing selfishness) . In India, moonstone stone valued as sacred / sacred. Believed to bring good future. Legend says that Moonstone is a very precious gift for lovers as it will arouse tenderness and commonly referred to as a stone that causes love.

Onyx and Sardonyx can help coordinate the body, providing protection from bad influences surrounding environment and can control yourself. Black Onyx is used to change a bad habit. Onyx Baja california ( Chalcedony white and brown) helps to sleep soundly. Sard is protective against spells or witchcraft. Can also sharpen your sense of humor of the wearer.
Opal used to see the possibility, helping a person has the capacity to share their love and increase the stability of the psychic. The Arabs believed that opals fell from heaven as many lightning, from that Opal got a fiery color. Opal is considered as an ancient symbol of honesty and confidence. Opal was very powerful in ritual magic. Because the quality Opal contains all the colors of other birthstones, may be used or filled with energy and strength from a combination of all the birth stones, also used to replace other birthstones mentioned in spells, rituals or other purposes of magic. Often associated with the virtual nature and astral projection, also used to recall past lives ( each color represents a life from the past) . Opal has the ability to cure, especially to increase mental capacities such as creative imagination, the power of other thoughts that have not been used so far. In terms of health Opal is believed to assist in the assimilation of protein. Fire Opal is often used in fundraising activities for the needy, usually worn as a pendant with a necklace of gold, surrounded by 10-12 Diamond, believed to have the power to collect money is superb. Black opal is the tool of choice witch / magic, used to increase the acceptance of magic / magic them and also highlight their strengths. Black opals worn near the heart as a necklace made of gold is said to be cast out demons, protect people from evil eye, protects the wanderer on his way to faraway places. Opal has also been used as a magic potion to heal the body, drive out bad dreams and as a means to increase energy. White Opal if used at night when the full moon rituals, is said to bring the power of the Goddess of the Moon for the achievement of hope for those who carry it out. Opal greatly appreciated in the Middle Ages, referred to as " ophthalmios " or " Stone Eye, " due to the widespread belief that Opal is useful for the senses vision and cure eye diseases. Berrambut blonde woman wearing a necklace Opal to protect from the loss of their hair color. Black opal is valued as a stone that brings good luck.

Pearls help one to better know yourself and improve self-esteem. Pearls make the wearer can feel the love from the people who gave these pearls as well as enhance femininity. Other uses which help the formation of antibodies and help fight infection and the inability of a person in educating others.

Peridot is used to help make someone' s dream can come true. Legend has it that pirates love Peridot because it protects the power of darkness / demons. If Peridot tied with gold ( the gold) , would protect the wearer from terrors in the night. For health, Peridot assists the function of the adrenal glands, giving a balance of physical energy and help people who are too often experience emotional tension / stress.

Quartz is used for balance, increase energy, fight the negative thoughts, eliminate bad habits and a variety of healing. Quartz also overcome the feeling of being unwanted or rejection of the received one. Quartz clear colorless crystals that formed as a ball, has been used by forecasters since medieval times to see and predict the future. Quartz and other types of aid you can receive is:
Druzy Quartz: Helping someone who does not have the skills to understand the problem ( does not have a deep understanding)
Rutilated Quartz: Reduce the negative way of thinking alone.
Smokey Quartz / Quartz Brown: Giving emotional support
White Quartz / Quartz White: Improving self-esteem.

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz is used to balance emotions for someone, to open hearts and to ask for forgiveness / forgiveness. Rose Quartz is also believed to maintain the skin keremajan and overcoming a severe inferiority complex

Ruby is said to open one' s heart to love, overcoming fear becomes ugly and unloved, and eliminate the lack of luck. Ruby is also used for protection of sensitive behaviors and avoid deviant behavior ( preventing the occurrence of schizophrenia) . According to ancient legend, Ruby is able to reconcile / reconcile lovers.

Sapphire can clear the mind, increase peace, happiness and increase motivation and purpose in life orientation. Sapphire kings wore around their necks as a powerful defense against hazards ( starting reinforcements) . This stone would protect the wearer from feeling envious and make them feel closer to God. The stone is believed to help someone who feel they have no chance to goal / end better. For health Sapphire can raise levels of potassium, magnesium, calcium and release of mental depression.

Topaz is used to increase strength, prevent kidney and bladder disease. Ancient times, eagle carvings in stone Topaz is used to express the good will of a king, queen and wealthy. The Greeks believed Topaz gives strength. Topaz also helps overcome the feeling of anger ( calm emotions) and protect against external pressures.

Tourmaline is used to prevent the occurrence of lymphatic tissue disease and anemia. Also used to enhance the success and achievements. Pink Tourmaline to protect and improve balance in women, is Tourmaline Green improves balance in men. According to legend, the user will be warned of the dangers and lack of luck.

Turquoise assist people in starting a new business. Can warn the wearer of danger / disease to be attacked by a change in color. In the 13th century Turquoise is said to protect the wearer from falling, especially from horses. Also used for relaxation of body, overcome was-was/ bingung, mental disorder, calm the emotions. The Indians believed that if turquoise glued on bows, arrows being fired would be on target. Also believed to bring happiness and luck.

Like Crystal, Zircon is used for a variety of healing. Zircon helps one to make peace with itself and cope with negative feelings or feelings of frustration and to increase positive behaviors. Also make the wearer more prudent, respectable and wealthy. Loss of light / glow of a Zircon is said to warn of the dangers for their owners.

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